MANA Movement Rolls On


Press Release: Sun 5 Nov 2017

“Let me start by congratulating Jacinda Adern. She hauled the Labour Party out of the morgue, slapped some life into them and blew away the tired old National government to become Prime Minister of a new coalition government with NZ First and the Greens. They’ve got big challenges ahead of them and they’ve started off with a hiss and a roar”

MANA National Hui Nov 4, 2017

MANA had an excellent hui yesterday. We had a good review of the campaign and laid down some challenges for ourselves for the next few years.

“MANA has not committed to a parliamentary future at this time. That decision will be made in due course. In the meantime MANA will focus on keeping the home-fires burning in the communities we serve, being the voice for those who have no say, and the conscience of those who step across the line”

“MANA has always played a strong role in community action, supporting those in need through social services, housing, health, fighting the P, education and even community business development, and that will continue and grow.

“We are committed to maintaining and building on our networks through MANA News, Facebook, and regular slots on mainstream media as well.

“And as MANA leader I will be the spokesperson for MANA’s development, and the one who will hold those in power accountable for the decisions that impact on our people, in a way that others won’t do”

“In closing, I wish to make mention of the selfless work and energy given by Māori Party President Tukuroirangi Morgan to create a platform for MANA and the Māori Party to work together during the election campaign. His commitment to the kaupapa of Mana Māori Motuhake may have not been realised, but he has at least challenged us all to be open to the possibility of it happening in the near future.

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