English using narcotics paranoia to justify not employing Kiwi’s

 Joe  Trinder

Recently Prime minister Bill English claimed Kiwi’s are failing drug tests on mass when seeking employment so lets look at the numbers. Unemployment is currently 5.2% of the population that is approximate 100,000 Kiwi’s.

Last year  69,000 people migrated to New Zealand the highest immigration in the history of New Zealand,  the majority of those migrants were from China and India.

Are we expected to believe the 1.3 Billion people in China or the 1.2 Billion people in India have drug free workforce compared to the 4.5 Million reliable workers living in New Zealand.

Or is the National Party immigration policy designed for employers that prefer submissive employees from developing countries that will work more hours for less wages.

Last year Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett started selling off State Housing in wealthier suburbs forcing out vulnerable tenants. Housing New Zealand blamed meth contamination attempting to criminalise tenants claiming the houses were meth labs.

Housing New Zealand evicted 700 families from tenancies using Meth tests that didn’t differentiate between a full scale meth lab or  a minor contamination where Methamphetamine had been smoked at the premise.

Last year the New Zealand Police budget was increased for wages yet nothing was allocated for new recruits or resources to disrupt the illicit drug trade.

New Zealand is unfortunately in the midst of a “P” epidemic and the National Government is using paranoia too justify political agendas on immigration and the sale of state housing.

It’s unrealistic to believe 100,000 unemployed New Zealanders are using narcotics to the extent they can’t be employed? The National party know this that unemployed Kiwi’s don’t vote so they have no ambitions of reducing unemployment.

The National Party mentality is too treat the abuse of narcotics as a workplace safety issue protecting employers interests instead of a health issue that is detrimental to the health and well being of New Zealand citizens.