HoneAvatar Mana Leader Hone Harawira


When Donald Brash talks in glowing terms about Hobson’s Pledge and his determination to take away rights guaranteed under the Treaty of Waitangi, he sounds awfully like Donald Trump offering Muslims and Mexicans and Black American’s his version of Hobson’s Choice – the White Way or the Highway.

Well, good luck Donald. Every country needs a redneck by which they can measure the state of their race relations. Ours aren’t great, but they certainly won’t get better following Hobson’s line.

America under Donald Trump and Hobson’s Choice would be an absolute bloody disaster for anyone of greater colour than the bottle-tan that he wears. And Aotearoa under Donald Brash and Hobson’s Pledge would be much the same.

A quick scan of so-called ‘Maori privilege’ tells us exactly how Maori are getting on … in housing – badly; employment – badly; health – badly; education – badly; prison – badly; crime – badly … need I carry on?

The myth of Maori privilege dies on the battlefield of statistics and the grim reality of the living poor.

All that Don Brash is Trump-petting is nothing but good old-fashioned racism dressed up in the words of another old white guy from a couple of hundred years ago.

Let’s move on …