New spy legislation to target Māori Nationalism not Terrorism

avatr Joe Trinder

The new spy bill the “New Zealand Intelligence and Security Bill” was  not designed to target  genuine national security threats such as terrorists groups its purpose is to suppress Maori Nationalism the evidence the bill is lacking a treaty clause that would guarantee article two of the Treaty “Undisturbed Estates”

Māori Nationalism is a genuine political movement as an International Treaty has been breached that guaranteed private land would not be confiscated alsodefinitions within the Treaty are not clear. Māori Nationalism should never be considered a National security threat but nothing in the New Zealand Intelligence and Security Bill advises the Spy agencies to avoid conducting espionage against Māori activism.

Lawyer Annette Sykes said “They are creating a super ministry of the combined spy agencies instead of limiting powers to intrude into our lives they have giving additional areas of focus like Maori Nationalism. To further their objectives as suppression of Māori rights” .  “A person’s home is their castle and the thought Police should not be entering that domain this bill allows the Government to reach into peoples homes and read their personal emails and thoughts.”

Christchurch Mayoral candidate John Minto said “Since 9/11 we have had legislation to increase the powers of surveillance it’s more intrusive than ever we don’t have terrorists and the spy agencies are using activities overseas to justify increased surveillance. We can do without these spy organisations”

The NSA (National Security Agency) have a clandestine black-site based  in Takapuna on the North Shore.  An optical tap has been placed across the fibre optic of the Southern Cross cable. This data is collected and sent too Fort Meade Maryland. In exchange the GCSB get access to mass data using the Xkeyscore software.

The NZSIS and the GCSB have historically been unleashed on Maori activists during the Urewera raids. The espionage was conducted deceptively by claiming those involved were gang members. Nothing stops spy agencies from designating Māori Nationalist’s as Gang members to acquire a warrant.

The new spy bill the “New Zealand Intelligence and Security Bill” is controlled by an oversight committee called the Intelligence and Security Committee.  This committee has a membership of five, that only National or Labour are permitted upon. A committee vehemently opposed to Maori Nationalism.

The New Zealand Intelligence and Security Bill gives the countries two spy agencies the GCSB and the NZSIS the authority to conduct espionage against New Zealanders. although they require an intelligence warrant that is issued by the Attorney General Chris Finlayson and the Chief Commissioner of Intelligence Warrants.

Nothing in the intelligence warrant process indicates the Intelligence Security committee is committed to rooting out Terrorism and avoiding genuine Maori political movements.

MANA believes we don’t need spies and the GCSB and the NZSIS should be disbanded and the combined budgets be used to feed the kids.