Helen Clark’s bid opposed at United Nations

avatr Joe Trinder

Recently Tina Ngata from Gisborne flew to the United Nations in New York  to address the permanent forum for indigenous issues.


Previous to Ms Ngata’s forthright speech to the United Nations she was given advice not to reveal the content of her speech in case her speaking rights were sabotaged. The speech ruffled a few feathers and there is the perception that everything is rosey for indigenous New Zealanders. There were alot of indigenous people from all over the world reporting on various issues from genocide to rape. Tina felt daunted in the face of such extreme injustice.

Fortunately an indigenous elder from one of the Pacific countries pulled Tina aside before her speech. The elder explained to Tina that the Indigenous peoples need to know what they are in store for if Helen Clark becomes the next Secretary General of the United Nations. The elder explained to Tina that she needed to be strong in her space for others to be strong in their space.

In a huge auditorium with people from all over the world in traditional dress and an air of authority ,Ms Ngata sensed immense power and power plays behind closed doors. Ms Ngata coming from the remote east cape spoke to the world representatives and the world’s governments about a former New Zealand Prime Minister.

After hearing other horror stories from indigenous peoples Ms Ngata stood up in front of the UN without being daunted made a strong speech.

Speech attached below.

E te hau kāenga, Onondaga, nei ra te mihi ki a kotou, e ngā rangatira taketake o te Ao, tēna kotou.

Ko Whetūmatarau te maunga, ko Awatere te awa, ko Hinerupe te marae, ko Te Whānau a Hinerupe te hapu tieki whānau, tēna kotou katoa.

I wish to first acknowledge the traditional and rightful owners of the land upon which we are meeting and greet my indigenous sisters and brothers from around the world and the member states gathered here. I would like to thank the Chair and Forum for this opportunity to make my recommendation in regard to the implementation of the six mandated areas of the Permanent Forum with reference to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and with specific regard to the role of Secretary General and United Nations organisational capacity.

The recognition and fulfilment of indigenous rights is a struggle that requires constant attention, and consistent champions. Although the distinct needs and strengths of indigenous peoples have been recognised in a number of UN declarations and documents, nevertheless it remains that without strong oversight and support, this vital factor will be neglected, to the detriment of all.

Never before in our knowing has our Earth been so gravely ill. Never before have we, the indigenous people of the world faced such immense challenges, and equally never before has the world needed traditional knowledge and indigenous wisdom and guidance more than now. Yet still, we continue to struggle for recognition of this relationship and our place in the determination of our future.

Conventional science has confirmed what many indigenous peoples have known for some time – that the severity of our condition calls for bold, immediate change. Conservative, incremental shifts will not save us. We require brave leadership that is not afraid to challenge the inherent assumptions upon which our very society, and economy, is based. It will take nothing less than this to secure a future for our peoples, and consequently to guide solutions for humankind.

I submit that next UN Secretary General must therefore be one that is confidently supported by indigenous peoples. However it is noted that there is a paucity of information available for indigenous peoples to analyse candidate performance on indigenous issues, and subsequently inform our support or otherwise.

It is further noted, with concern, that the nomination by New Zealand cites the leadership of New Zealand government as a credential for the role of Secretary General, when that same leadership oversaw multiple abuses of indigenous rights including the largest single Maori land alienation event of modern times, where we saw over 10,000ha of Maori land alienated through the Foreshore and Seabed Act. This leadership also saw abuses of human rights of Maori through the mischaracterisation of innocent Maori families as terrorists and subsequent violent armed invasions of Maori homes and police militarization against the community of Ruatoki. This leadership also saw increases in outcome gaps between Maori and Non-Maori – all of which have been reported upon by UN special rapporteur Rodolpho Stavenhagen.

It is further noted that the same candidate, in opposition to Maori, refused to sign the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, labelling it divisive, and unimplementable. Crown research records confirm that under this period of leadership New Zealand experienced near to the world’s fastest rate of growth in greenhouse gas emissions, and nationally experienced a general degradation in freshwater quality.

This type of track record is of extreme concern, most especially for indigenous peoples, and if we hope to build capacity for the UN to support the implementation of UNDRIP it must begin from the Secretary General position down.

Therefore, noting that the permanent forum has requested guidance from indigenous peoples so that indigenous peoples may not be left behind, and recognising the importance and urgency of implementing UNDRIP, and further noting that the Secretary General role should be an exemplar in such matters, my recommendation is that the permanent forum impel the United Nations to specifically consider responsiveness to indigenous rights as criteria for the role of Secretary General.

I would also like to thank our member state NZ for raising the issues of natural heritage, self determination, Maori culture and Maori wellbeing. Sitting at the intersection of these issues is our traditional healing practices and these currently are under threat by the proposed Natural Products Bill.

This bill seeks to establish a regulatory authority that will have unrestricted abilities in defining and regulating natural medicines, their associated practices and practitioners. Of particular concern is the proposed funding structure that will restrict traditional practioners, the cataloguing of our thousands of traditional medicine species which we have been given only until 30 May to provide, and the expectation that Maori healers will provide all of their healing knowledge to the Crown for regulation and protection, and the potential for that to lead to exploitation of our knowledge and assets. We assert the right to self-determine our means of protection of these knowledge and assets because that is our knowledge, those are our assets and only we know best how to protect them.



  • Tane

    Tena koe Tina,
    Nei ra na mihi manahau kia koe me to whanau i runa i na tini ahuatana o te wa, ka pai te panui ake i tau i korero nei ki na matatini o te ao, na matau ko Te Ao Maori te marina nui i reira koe hai waha mo na tanata taketake o te ao. Ko te manako ka puawai mai he orana hai paina mo tatau katoa o te ao nei. Kai runa noa atu koe.

    • Tina Ngata

      Tena koe Tane, noku te honore ki te kawe tenei korero ki te taumata nei. Ko te mea nui kua puta te pono ki te Ao. I huri oku whakaaro i reira ki o tatou tipuna me a ratou whawhai mo tatou nga uri, a, ka mohio au ahakoa te aha ka tu, ka whawhai tonu mātou nga uri… Pera tonu i a ratou, me kore rawa matou e hinga.


    Mauri Ora Tina, Nga mihi,
    That woman Helen C should be strung up, and beaten daily by the little children, that have no homes, no fathers and no doubt in their minds that she is the worst woman to leave these shores
    Exposing her to the masses on an international platform, ensures we are heard but moreso we are competent in identifying mana munchers, like dreadful decitful Helen.
    It is only fitting and eloquently worded that she is another fake, and greed driven demon.


    • David Morris

      Beaten by children with no fathers? How is that her fault? Ridiculous.

  • Terry Tapsell

    Tena Koe Tina

    You are bang on e hoa!! The ten’s of thousands that came and joined the hikoi on the foreshore and sea bed in Poneke was a sight to remember. Then to be ignored by P.M. Helen was disrespectful. Then shortly after she is interviewed with shrek the lost sheep. . My eldest daughter came to the hikoi in 2004 she was 12 at the time. She is now a Rotorua Lakes councilor – youngest ever at 21 at the time. Tania Tapsell. You falla’s should hook up??

  • And what do you think your going to be the Next SG 4 UN do you ??? Your vengeful and spiteful and your attempts to sabotage her were spineless. It would be good if NZ was at the top but thanks to you we know have worst fuckn enemies and their B.S. to take care of you fuckn clown.

    • David Morris

      Creating more seperatism in our country is not going to help unite nations. Spiteful attack.

      • laurelnhardly

        Helen already encouraged SEPARATISM with propaganda to enable the Foreshore & Seabed legislation to go through. Sucked in Māori voters to stay in power for years, only to shaft us in the end. Indigenous peoples of the world should be concerned!!
        (Your argument may be more credible with correct spelling e hoa!)

    • Helen Potaka-Tusa

      Bahaha your hilarious. . Vengeful? Spiteful? Oh is that what you call the truth when its not in your favour?.. Spineless? Ahaha on the contrary you uneducated twit.. it took a lot of courage to do what Tina did… Helen Clarke sabotaged herself lady! And what’s with the swearing? Jeepers hope you don’t kiss anyone with that mouth!

      • Teko Flaps

        Maori have a lot bigger issues they should deal with instead of bagging old helen-as useless as helen was this step by the maori party (1% of the vote) shows just how out of touch they are with reality..? Maybe maori should try and cease killing their kids at an alarming rate then blaming it on colonization. One step away from being a failed race of peoples.

        • Joe Trinder

          I agree Teko

          • Teko Flaps

            3 separate people hacking my account over 2 days-this is going to be fun for the Police to sort through.

          • Grant

            Either that or you’re a schizoid narcissist mate.

          • Joe Trinder

            Hi My name is Joe, my political party tried to swing an election based on lies and half truths and our “moment of truth” was a forged document.. I take over peoples names on Disqus to suit my agenda. That in itself I’m sure you would agree is quite evil. My political party got less than 1% of the national vote, just think about that for a second-1% of the vote and we still think we deserve a voice ?! That is madness personified. Is this how you hack accounts Joe ?

      • Teko Flaps

        Tina, courage ?! HAHA-she is a scab that got paid to do the whole thing to get her name in lights. Her beliefs are evil.

    • Patricia Graham

      my my my imagine if she did get in Her army thats you would be waiting with baited breath to enact everything she would ask and you wouldn’t bat an eye. Do you know people with that mindset are actual dictators and you are blinded by the gloss of a title but wont get caught in the details. I applaude you Tina You stopped a heartless dictatorial person from getting that position. People need to know what she did. So she doesn’t do it to other indigenous people around the world in the name of the UN. Mia Roseanna whatever the ?
      you are, debate the issue you don’t know what it felt like to called terrorist or be mistreated as if you were one Get a life.

    • Grant

      New Zealand is out 🙂 Vengeful. spiteful??? Nope… this is about the respect for human rights, It is one thing to be a politician and another to be worthy of holding the UN Secretary General label. On that basis Helen Clark has no rights to claim the prize. She’s out — enjoy that.

    • Waves Sanchez Tu

      I thought her speech was brilliant! All of it was FACT…can’t handle the truth huh lady.

  • Trevor Mills

    Aho Mitakuyepi,
    Wichasa na winyan otoiyohi igluhapi na iyehanyan wowazapi. T anmahel slol’ic’iyapi na kichichuwapi s’e kichichuwapi kta hecha.
    Each and every man and woman is free and has equal rights to things. They are sure of themselves in their mind, and they should treat each other as if they were siblings.
    (From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

    Tina Ngata did the right thing in her speech, calling for recognition and fulfillment of indigenous peoples rights. It’s time the honour and integrity of people in very important positions such as the UN be questioned about what they stand for. In the case of Helen Clark, she is showing her double standards. Helen Clark says what the UN wants to hear, while she listens to the advice of John Key to use her position as a means to help in his political attempts to enforce the TPPA. With this in place, Key can then remove anything the Treaty of Waitangi might present as a threat to his political gains in connection with supporting the American war machine. With Helen Clark removed from her application for promotion within the UN, Key cannot move forward in his dirty political ambitions.

    Thank you Tina Ngata for standing your ground.

    • Tina Ngata

      Tena koe Trevor

  • Shirley Tabak

    yes i support israel against the fight for terrorism which is now is in the world today …i am a kiwi and also support indigenous people in the world. i was in the takapuna markets years ago and mentioned to someone that i will not support helen clarke in the elections and one of the people in her team turned around who had lebanese background and told me to go back to where i come from. if you dont support indigenous peoples and countries that fight against terrorism then people like Helen clarke should not front the UN.