The Taxpayers union silent on New Zealand’s Tax haven

avatr Joe Trinder

Jordan Williams -Executive Director Tax Payers union

In the Taxpayers union mission statement they have the following values “To lower the tax burden on New Zealanders”. The Taxpayers union mysteriously after 10 days has failed to criticise the Prime Minister John Key defending New Zealand being a tax haven in the leaked Panama Papers. Why because the Taxpayers union are a lobby group and a bias faction of the National Party as revealed in Nicky Hager’s book “Dirty politics”. The Panama papers is the biggest tax fraud in this country since the Winebox inquiry and the Taxpayers union remain uncritical of the Prime Minister.

Recently the leader of the opposition Andrew Little released his tax return for public scrutiny the Prime Minister John Key has declined to follow suit. The Taxpayers union should be the leading organisation demanding the Prime Minister be held to account and reveal his tax return.

But when the Taxpayers union wants to make prejudice statement’s against Iwi playing on Anglo Saxon fears of perceived Maori privilege the Taxpayers union criticism is merciless. Taxpayers union failure to criticise John Key defending billions of dollars in foreign trusts is strong evidence that the Taxpayers union is only designed to selectively critique when it suits their agenda, the organisation doesn’t genuinely have the interests of all kiwi taxpayers at heart.

Missing 10 critical days to make a press release on the most severe tax evasion of the 21st century and New Zealand being mentioned in the Panama papers 60,000 times. This is clear evidence the New Zealand public should not take the opinions of the Tax payers union seriously as the organisation has lost the  credibility to represent Tax payers and should be honest with the public it represents the interests of the National Party.