Campaign to undermine Helen Clark’s bid for the United Nations.

avatr Joe Trinder

Helen Clark

A letter writing and phone call campaign to undermine Ms Helen Clark’s opportunity of becoming the next Secretary General of the United Nations has begun.  The campaign consists of everyday grass roots New Zealanders writing formal letters addressed to member states of the United Nations. Particularly countries that suffered greatly during European colonisation. The campaign is in response to Ms Clark reckless behaviour in the largest confiscation of the 21st century the foreshore and seabed. Ms Clark also made the decision for New Zealand to vote against declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples that 144 other Nations voted in favour.

During the foreshore and seabed confiscations Ms Clark succumbed to bias Anglo Saxon opinion and didn’t honour our founding national document the Treaty of Waitangi. Over 50,000 patriotic New Zealanders marched on Wellington demanding our national  Treaty be honoured while Ms Clark lacked the courage to meet her constituents and hid in the Beehive. A political Anglophile Ms Clark’s entire political career was based on the suppression of Indigenous rights like her decision to raid the Urewera at Ruatoki in 2007.

Heather Simpson
Heather Simpson

During the foreshore and seabed controversy many sympathetic Labour MP’s  were being  blocked and ignored by Ms Clark’s assistant Heather Simpson. Simpson an unelected government official was ruthless and had too much influence over the governments unjust decision. Heather Simpson is leading  Ms Clark campaign for the Secretary General of the United Nations and will be paid using tax payer money.

Ms Clark being appointed head of the United Nations does nothing for New Zealand as Ban Ki Moon the current Secretary General has done nothing in the interests of South Korea. It doesn’t put New Zealand on the international stage it’s simply career advancement for Ms Clark.

In terms of world affairs Helen Clark is unsuitable as the Secretary General of the United Nations. How can someone become the leader of an organisation designed to respect the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples when her entire political careers has been to undermine those very rights. What happen’s when the world is in crisis and the ambassadors of former colonial nations can’t get past Heather Simpson because she deems them as lesser nations but has an open door policy towards the Anglo sphere nations.

The time has come for the people to draw a line in the sand and teach future Prime Minister’s there is a price to pay for not honouring your agreements. The honourable thing would be for Helen Clark to make an apology over the Foreshore and Seabed Act and admit she was wrong otherwise she doesn’t deserve to be the next Secretary General of the United Nations.

The campaign consists of writing a formal letter or telephone call to the UN ambassador of member states. The address and phone number to each UN ambassador can be found click here 

Alternatively a list  foreign ministries embassies and consulates based in New Zealand click here