I don’t see any real leadership

ruebenfont Rueben Taipari Porter


Well I have been watching and listening to all the issues in front of us. The TPPA, the Ture whenua Maori Act review, Water allocation, Reo Maori Bill, Housing price increases, Dairy pricedrops, Flag reviews,Oil company presence, GE trees da di dah and it all gets a bit overwhelming.

But most of all, my greatest concern is that I don’t see any real leadership.There is no opposition strategy to stop this pro privatisation Govt from selling the peoples assets to their rich mates for a bargain and trapping our kids into a future of slavery to this corporate machine called Free Trade. And I am missing hearing Hone hammer the Government on our behalf.

Our voice through his presence in parliament was crucial in maintaining a balance of policy development. I enter into the realm of hindsight and think what knights for the people Hone and Lyla and Annette could have been during this overwhelming period of capitalist control? Don’t get me wrong, I love having access to Hone for his advice and knowledge, his drive to create better conditions for our people here in Te Hiku. Having private hui, sometimes twice a week with him to pick his brain about strategies to be successful in out projects is priceless.
But I watch the deal cutting and the settlement process, the trading of our taonga tuku iho for the bribery of money that nevers makes back to the whanau who need help. I watch the prestige heaped upon those who are puppets to the colonial oppressors, and responsibility given to those who cant even abide by lawful practice during their terms of leadership. A hui I attended recently the facilitator was so stoned he was slurring. Without people like Hone to expose this Govt for its secret dealings, I predict a future where the rich will control and ignore the rights of those less fortunate.

A future where we have no rights over our own maunga and whenua and water ways, our springs and our rivers which will be allocated to Govt bodies to control. At a recent iwi consultation hui (which I found out about scrolling thru Facebook otherwise would have missed it), the entire discussion was about allocation of control for who owned the water (a small note on the people and then back to allocation)….I abstained from the resolution on the grounds that the people need to understand what they are signing up to first, before we offer our mana, our rangatiratanga and back them officially.

We are staunch about holding the Govt leaders to account over suspicious deals that no one gets to see or discuss, so I expect the same account from our own leaders…Leaders lead from the front, not from on top. But it is the responsibility of the people to hold their leaders to account. Challenge your leaders to do whats best for the people and understand why before you agree to support their policies and principles. Always remind these leaders that the People are the power.

Without the people, they have no power….

  • jack

    Politic`s of today is in the gutters , well and truly … The consensus of mainstream media are all virtually turning a blind eye to The TTPA and The National Govt , who are hell bent on pushing this issue through …. No leadership , No policies , No country … But We`ll have are NEW FLAG!!!
    (Yeah Right)

    • Joe Trinder

      You tell em how it is Jack -The mainstream media has been turning a blind eye.

  • Cherry Leota

    When we say we must stand together and fight against this atrocity, what does that actually look like? Are hikoi enough are protests and petitions really enough? I mean what are we as tangata REALLY prepared to do? what would our ancestors do?

  • Vonz Wati

    Take it back to the DeadLands !!

  • Holly Ritihia Smith

    Ae the people have the power an we must come together as one an stand together in peace with Io Nga Atua our Tupuna for our mana an our Rangatiratanga, our human rights given to ALL from Io, te kaihanga, God, the Lord…but this must be done together an for our babies an our mokoz of tomorrow.

  • Holly Ritihia Smith

    how it looks to me coming together pick a day we ALL the whole of NZ Walk out there onto the street an stand there NO WORk just stand on the street togethet ALL through out NZ NO fight stand infront of our house met the people on ur street talk to esch other tell them wot u no of TPPA AGENDA 21…. an we do this for DAY go inside at night come out 8am till 8am an stand as NZ untill Johy keys heres us NO WORK So prepare no petrol no pak n save no new world if u except nurses an doctors…. NO police working No teachers working NO no in NZ working just standing on the street infront of your house untill The Govt will listen to use people of NZ No yelling No protesting just talking to each othet nicely… singing telling stories waiting for our Govt. to listen to to the people…. this is my vision of how it would look!!!!

    • Ruka

      I love your vision.. how do we do this

      • Holly Ritihia Smith

        tena koe this is my vision but we need the whole of NZ to do it. there is a huge rally get together this Saturday all around NZ so im hoping this will b a bigger enough sign to say NO to TPPA…however if need be we can korero discuss where 2 frm here an maybe this can be our next step. i just pray that this come together on Saturday get across to the peole who have the last say. an they hear our voices say NO 2 TPPA an everything it stands for.

    • Kane

      i beleive what youve said is common sense and we should be doing it anyway but the controllers play divide and conquer far too well and we are far to divided.

      however even if such a movement was started it would undoubtedly be branded and advertised as “extremist” and in cracking down on the movementt the government would also have excuses to enact more invasive “security” laws

      The game is rigged and the house always wins. the only way to not be apart of the game is to find a nice spot in the NZ bush ,build yourself a tree fort, give “authority” and materialism/consumerism the finger n live free 🙂 i hope i dont sound too cynical i am all for your idea and i wish you all the best 🙂

      • Holly Ritihia Smith

        yes this is our weakness as a whole

  • Ferne Hohneck

    TPP Action have a grass roots movement to place a 12 point policy solution in all our councils; so far 11 have signed, including Auckland and Tauranga, representatively this takes in 60% of our total NZ population. The policy contains those things each rohe wants to keep NOT have removed by TPP.. Support for local industry is one, rather than procurement by local councils outside of our nation. Kia Kaha whaanau hope to see you all at the rallies this weekend!

  • Una Wendt

    … Last week I was thinking pretty much the same as what Reuben has
    written here – Hone is a fierce advocate for the people and Maori in
    Parliament – I miss having him in there as well … and unless we prepare
    ourselves to step forward en masse guys, as a Sovereign Collective, and make ALOT
    OF NOISE, and bring our government to account now, then there will be
    difficult-difficult times ahead for all New Zealanders …

    Holly has the right idea – I’ve been recommending Global Strike action for over a year via FB shares and comments … the only way to get it over these Elitist NWO twats is to simply withdraw from their reality – refuse to participate and therefore consent to all that they’re doing to people and the planet!!!

    Dragging our arses to work in the system every day to survive is bullshit people – WE’RE NOT MEANT TO LIVE THIS WAY – we’re sustaining a corrupt system, and our efforts are profiting the 1% who manipulate the system every day to control and manipulate us … WE’RE BEING ENSLAVED AND WE’RE CONSENTING TO THIS SHIT GUYS – NO MORE! Think about what we’re doing here, please!!

    … Humanity should be seeing the ELite for what they “really” are by now – waking up to what’s really at play here, and all that is at stake. The agenda is for them to take what does not belong to them, and to destroy what they cannot have or control – and this is a global agenda guys, not just here in Aotearoa. It’s happening everywhere …

    Tony Abbott is doing dispicable things in Australia as well – abusing civil rights of the Aboriginal peoples for example, and Maori living In Oz have been giving them phenomenal support.

    I believe that the people of Australia and NZ – both of which have had a gutsful of our government bs, should be talking together, and considering combined bi-national strike action … in addition to strike action, I’d also recommend that the people withdraw their savings from Central banks, and put their money elsewhere … Large Central banks WILL NOT support the people – see how they’re foreclosing on farming families/dynasties in the Australian outback, and are forcing them to sell lands and livestock which they have been sustaining/nurturing for generations – forced sales to Chinese who are being giving trillions of Chinese dollars and told to head into Australia by the busload and buy up as many productive farms as they can!!


    Comprehension and understanding of those who are opposing Humanity, such as Global ELitists/Cabal is necessary guys … these individuals have dark occult knowledge at their disposal, and their
    intent – domination and control goes back a looooooooooong way …

    Laugh if you want, but all that is happening today around the world is what has been intended – these are “End Times … “Man’s
    “fall” was necessary so that we could gain knowledge in knowing and
    would develop the ability to discriminate between good and evil … The
    problem of evil has vexed theologians and serious students of philosophy
    throughout the past age, and the understanding of the devil, which is
    “lived” “spell”ed backward, is the secret to liberation for in
    understanding the darkness, the darkness is no more.

    Global Corporate Governments, corruption, war – all parts of an agenda to deceive and manipulate Humanity into
    subservience, and dominate and control everything i.e. TPPA, changing our national flag regardless of the fact that 83% of us don’t want to change it – so that John Key can invalidate our Treaty of Waitangi/Constitution and strip our Sovereignty …

    Government corruption New Zealand … we’re Sovereign – we’re not slaves
    and we don’t have to tolerate this shit from government – they need to be told to serve New Zealand and its people or GTFO!!

    Take your money out of the central banks, and talk NZ – let’s put our heads together with the people of Australia and talk about strike action!!! Stop sustaining these self-indulgent, self-serving Arsehats anymore …

    Let’s withdraw from the system for a couple of days and give ourselves time to think about who and what we are serving, and how we are spending our lives …

    Things aren’t going to get better unless people wake up and Act – talk to your friends and families about it, because these are critical times for us all …

    I recommend that NZ unite and STRIKE…

  • John Berry

    We need to stand up and seriously take back leadership of our country. Or else die with the consequences.