Jane Kelsey explains the TPPA bluntly to Mike Hosking.

  • Shane O’Shane McShane

    Mike Hosking welcoming in the dystopian future.

    • Zat

      Is he actually that dumb or is he just playing devils advocate?

      • Jeff Sluka

        Apparently, he’s too dumb, too biased, or not clever enough to play devil’s advocate.

        • Zat

          Sad, and even more so considering his occupation.

          • Jeff Sluka

            His occupation isn’t “journalist” – its “infotainer,” but light on the “info” part of that (LOL).

  • Russell

    TPPA is Seal on the death of Democracy.
    We haven’t had democracy for years, if ever.
    TPPA makes it official, corporations control all.
    You comply or die, or comply and die.
    John Key would like to point out the economy will make money for someone,
    Just remember the “Trickle down” was human death misery
    Hello !….. we gotta take out a system.
    What holds it in place is those: “just obeying order”

    • Attiya Andrew


  • Sam

    Of course when you walk into a hospital emergency room you don’t pay nothing. So it is hard to see changes. It’s not like they put a for sale sign up out the front with a sold sticker on it.

    You can’t see the legislature for sold stickers levelled in parliament. Every social department including some defence apparatuses have been primed for privatisation.

    So you can keep cutting services and budgets until one day prices on the stock exchange rockets upwards then bang. Next minute everything except for frontline defence operations get privatised.

    For democracy to prevail Carl Marx made the observation than revolution against the masters must come from one of the big wig countries. A G4 nation. The U.S, China, Japan or Germany.

  • Stuart Munro

    Smart informed & serious – why are our journalists not more like Jane Kelsey?

    • All New Iain

      True that they could learn a lot from her

    • Chris Hansen

      Simple, our media is virtually all government funded. From their view, unless they wanted to expose their own lies and corruption, they would be silly to employ anyone with a conscious head on their shoulders, hence the lack of REAL journalists. We don’t have any more of those (with the exception to Vinny Eastwood)we just have highly paid actors, following scripts

    • Zat

      haha, thanks for that, well said!

    • Christine Close

      What we are seeing and hearing here in intelligence, (Jane Kelsey) versus neanderthal man. It seems that every time you open your mouth Hoskins you remove more doubt that you are literally stupid and little johnny boy’s mouthpiece.

  • Did he at the first minute say prevent??

  • Kawaii Gardiner

    Small problem Mike, recent leaks have shown that we’ll actually get NOTHING out of the trade deal and in the process give up a shit tonne to to multi-national corporations. So where is the swings and roundables/horse trade because we’re going up a lot and getting nothing in return. Maybe Mike needs to learn what a ‘win-win’ trade agreement actually is.

  • Mother
  • Leona TuiSamoa

    Kia ora Jane , plain truth speaks volumes! (Dude)

  • Attiya Andrew

    What an idiot! But typical of him.

  • Alex

    Mike just got schooled

  • Robin Hagen

    Useful discussion and Mike Hosking did a great job of interviewing too.

  • Scott Hamilton

    Hosking where do you think the government gets its millions from. Your pocket unless of coarse you don’t pay tax. TPPA is a noose around NZs neck.

  • Warren Harding

    Why on Earth would we do this? I haven’t heard a single argument on what WE get out of it. Only how we can be sued for not playing ball. There’s got to be something in it for us otherwise why?

    • Roger Smith

      Are you any more informed now?
      I listened to the head of Dairy NZ this morning saying they are ok with the deal. Ideally there would be zero tariffs, but a reduction is better than status quo. Dairy was identified as a big loser in the hysterics in the lead up.
      Medicines look better than expected – i.e. better than status quo.
      Do you really think our negotiators and government where looking to shaft the country!?

      • Warren Harding

        I get the growing impression that the people with all the money are collaborating to form a high level union of sorts which will exclude anyone who doesn’t join thereby forcing them into something that will ultimately make the rich-poor divide even wider. I’m profoundly suspicious and keeping the details secret confirms my misgivings

      • Greg

        Care to show how employment costs have risen for any primary producer on the back of higher export volumes.
        NZ will be asset stripped within 12 months of America ratifying this worthless trade deal. China has access under a no other greater favours trade deal in the FTA. This is why Key is being lead around like bobby calf, they can just sit back and wait, while giving us nothing.

  • Harriet Bond

    HOSKING you are what is wrong with this media in this country. Dumbed down = dumbed down citizens. Just what the powers that be want. Thanks for nothing you creep.

  • Kevin Owens

    Yes, Mike Hosking aka Mr Smarty Pants really is that dumb !!!

  • Bruce Burn

    Curious turn of phrase, “you won’t notice a rise in prices of drugs because the consumer price will stay the same because the Government will pay any extra”. What will the Government use to pay that? Oh, of course, they bleed some of from their cash cow, the taxpayer. So the extra cost will be paid by the taxpayers, who are the same people paying their bit towards the cost of the drugs. Mike, you do understand that, don’t you?

  • EyeSpy

    She shot Hosking down with a ball of his own crap..

  • Mike Hoeta

    Well done Mike

  • pureant

    Mikes rigid mindset prevents him from properly engaging. He is an Apologist, simply cherry picking pro arguments for TPPA.

  • Rachel

    Mike Hosking is a cock.

  • Stewart Fletcher

    and how many trade agreements were discussed in a public forum………..that’s right none, zero of our agreements have, and dont we have 15 or so of them, shes a communist and ideologically opposed to any sort trade conducted by and businesses, even thou most agreements have business leaders on the treaty panel……………….haha, loopy as fuck