The young Nat’s false anti-racism

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder


Recently the young Nat’s have been running a campaign to expose xenophobia to protect the interests of non-resident property speculators based in Asia.

After decades of consecutive National government’s conducting racist policy against ethnic minorities for the young Nat’s to suddenly claim the high ground over racism has me confused. It’s as though the young Nat’s are totally unaware of  National’s history.

The National party has a track history of enforcing racist stereotypes especially when it comes to discriminating against Maori and migrants. To pretend that redneck mentality has suddenly changed is far-fetched.

A good friend of the prime minister Cameron Slater still indulges in  racism against Maori  and other indigenous people. For the Nat’s to come to the defence of Non-resident Asian property speculators seems disingenuous.

It’s obvious the Prime minister’s office is by using a strategy of exposing discrimination against Asian migrants. When in reality they trying to  protect the interests of foreign property speculators based in Asia . PM’s office has recruited organisations to sell a mischievous message of discrimination against Asian migrants when they know fully well the problem is non-resident foreign property speculators– Race relations conciliator, Barfoot & Thompson, NZ Herald, Chinese Mandarin daily, Privacy commissioner.