Anne Tolley to outsource social services to Serco

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder


The minister of social development Anne Tolley is going to outsource social services to a British military contractor Serco. New Zealand’s social services could now be outsourced to other foreign defence and aerospace contractors like Northrup Grumman that designed the Apollo lander for the moon landings.

The most vulnerable New Zealanders could be at the mercy of military contractors In this corporate utopian society aimed at making huge profits at tax payers expense.

Reaganomic’s theory of outsourcing, selling off state assets and allowing business to self-regulate industry as an economic theory that never worked, the United States turned from being the biggest creditor nation on earth to the biggest debtor nation. New Zealand is fast becoming one of the biggest debtor nations from Neo-Liberal agendas like outsourcing social welfare and selling state assets.