Healing through Unity

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

There has been a call for healing between the Mana Movement and Maori party. For sincere healing to occur it’s essential for both organisations have many Hui and find some common ground, Ideally these Hui should come to a conclusion and agree on a reciprocal relationship that benefits both organisations. The alternative is both organisations continue a rivalry that is inimical to Maori interests.


Te Ururoa Flavell and Hone Harawira care deeply for their people and are passionate about indigenous rights as does Annette Sykes and Marama Fox. Combined these leaders would be a formidable allies in parliament.

We need to clear up some misconceptions about Mana Maori unification.

1) National Party will not work with Mana–The National Party has a low tolerance of Hone Harawira they cheered on election night when Hone was defeated. We don’t control this but it still doesn’t prevent Mana and Maori working closely together.

2) Seat at the table of power – This Maori party Kaupapa has gained support although voters find Mana-Maori unification more appealing. This potential alliance compliments this Kaupapa and could sit more MP’s at the table of power.

3) Supply and confidence – The Maori electorates are the size of Nations for example Te Tai Tonga is the size of England and Wales combined. Coalition deals need to have latitude where individual Maori electorates can ordain their own destiny. Possibly an option to avoid coalition deals with governments that have neglected their region.

4) Unity–Mana and Maori combined can increase its party vote and improve confidence with the public that our parties can work together. The Māori Television Reid Research Poll suggests 66% of Te Waiariki want the Māori Party to work with Mana Movement.

5) Foreshore and Seabed –Both organisations want the same the Treaty of Waitangi honoured in full, not policy designed to block redress and appease the majority.

If either organisation is pushed to extinction it would be a hollow victory for Indigenous rights and Maori aspirations. United we stand divided we fall