Paul Henry charges Diego Chavez with Assault

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

Left: Paul Henry Right: Diego Chavez

In one of the worst cases this year of Police bias  and a breach of civil liberties the right to protest. On Friday the 22nd May  in a protest at sky casino against the post budget address the New Zealand Police  have enforced assault charges against Diego Chavez although Mr Chavez  claims he never physically touched Paul Henry.

For these charges to be substantiated as common assault it requires Diego Chavez to perform some degree of violence towards his alleged victim Paul Henry. Video footage of the incident clearly establishes at no stage did Mr Chavez commit assault. Unless staring intensively like a laser at another citizen is considered violent assault as Diego Chavez claims he is innocent beyond reasonable doubt.

Undercover Police followed Mr Chavez for two hours after the protest monitoring his every move when they got an opportunity seven of these henchmen cornered Mr Chavez then violently arrested their victim breaking his finger. It’s hard for Police to establish Paul Henry as a victim more a case of Police brutality against Diego Chavez.

I’m not surprised Paul Henry a former National party candidate was overheard he didn’t know the post budget address was being hosted at the Sky Casino. Despite Henry spent that morning friday 22nd May prior to the protest discussing the budget like the town crier.

I find it implausible that Henry had no idea the post budget address was being hosted at Sky casino since he spent the morning talking about the budget. As a publicity stunt how could Henry be as naive to walk into a crowd protesting against a National government and not expect some feedback. There are rumours Henry receives free credit from Sky casino in exchange for getting talking points from the prime minister’s office as part of the right wing bias media.