Miraculous recovery at Mana AGM

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

Left: Tuta Ngarimu Right: Kaylee Teree Ngarimu

Kaylee Teree Ngarimu has been wheel chair ridden for months, doctors couldn’t diagnose her condition. What Kaylee was suffering from is often referred to as Maori sickness a condition that modern medicine has no solutions. Tuta and Kaylee went to many experts until whanau at the Mana AGM referred Kaylee to alternative healing. Nothing was working until she decided to attend the Mana AGM. After speaking to a Maori Healer Kaylee was able to stand then walk away from her wheel chair and hasnt used it since. Her and whanau are so grateful with this miracle. Her husband said hes so blown away with whats happened saying the healer said Kaylees wairua had left her via a shock,Kaylee has suffered from numerous  anaphylactic shocks which would explain how she ended up wheel chair ridden. Imagine all our people who are reliant on western medicines and end up that way for years with no real cure,if our people went back to OUR way of healing, our iwi would be better off.


To the suprise of many at the Mana AGM Kaylee walked into Waipapa Marae on the next sunday.