Possible Mana Maori unification

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

From Left: Joe Trinder (Mana), Martin Cooper (Maori Party), Rangi Maclean (Maori Party), James Papali’i (Mana)

With the recent uncertainty of the Kaitoko Whānau contracts the Mana Movement and Maori Party membership cooperated to advocate for their contracts. These events lead to historical hui between members of each organisation who decided to sit down to a cup of tea and macaroon biscuits.

Two Auckland leaders from the Maori Party Rangi McLean & Martin Cooper met with two leaders from the Mana Movement Joe Trinder & James Papali’i to discuss the possibility of Mana Maori unifying. The meeting was really positive with Mr Mclean commenting on the positive Wairua he felt between the two groups who shared some commonalities. Future hui will continue to build unity on given community campaigns.

The upcoming national Mana AGM June 5-7 at Waipapa Marae, University of Auckland  will address levels of electoral cooperation in the 2017 election.

Ehara tēnei he tū takitahi, he tū takimano