The irrepressible Mr Broughton

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder


Mr James Broughton makes bizzare comments on the Mana Movement facebook page. Mr Broughton claims he is a Labour party supporter but his Facebook page doesn’t support that claim.

Mr Broughton doesnt approve of the Mana candidate for Northland by-election Rueben Taipari Porter



Rueben Taipari Porter was a Mayoral candidate in the 2013 local body elections. Broughton has described Rueben as a “Goof”


Mr Broughton in the comment below is crude


James has also condemned John Minto who lead the protests  against the Springbok tour as a mere  a lime lighter.



James once again describes himself as a Labour party supporter.


The Tory comments from Mr James Broughton while approving of the National government while disapproving of Mana Movement has lead me to believe the Maori party is a component of the National party.

Should we ban Mr Broughton from the Mana Movement facebook page?

Should we invite Mr Broughton to a branch meeting?