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Confidence in the justice system is a fundamental democratic responsibility especially confidence in the justice system where citizens require the state to act on their behalf.

The failure to properly investigate in a timely manner  serious allegations of sexual abuse and rape and cyber bullying has prejudiced the victims ability to seek justice and has led  to a  loss of  confidence by the New Zealand Public in  the police prosecutorial processes. It has highlighted concerns about the effectiveness of  Child Protection Teams and systems to protect the interests of  girls and women in particular who are victims of sex crimes during police investigation processes.


Roast busters petition click here 



  • Kane

    anyone that truly beleives this doesnt happen at every single school in our country has their head firmly wedged in their own arse. Anyone that beleives a bill restricting internet freedom stops kids from having sex doubly so

    • Jacquelyne Taylor

      @disqus_NBz14zWESy:disqus Doesn’t make it right though.. Agree with your second point.

      • Kane

        i never implied it was right. i think the reason these problems persist is because most brainless parents think their perfect little angel couldnt possibly be involved.
        those kids are the worst manipulative deceptive little shits there are

        • Jacquelyne Taylor

          You lost me again at ‘most brainless parents’…. Are you a parent?
          I am and I can assure you I would know if my son was involved or had even seen and not acted over something like this.. (Thankfully not). Why? Because mid teen years are the most important to re-establish trust and ensure they understand that all actions and even ‘inactions’ have potential dire consquences they need to think carefully about for them and others they hang around with.

          • Kane

            good for you but you are only one person and i stand by my comment.

  • Kowhai Jones

    I hate these roast buster guys man. I have a band called hangi busters and everyone thinks we were some Maori rapists. I mean Derek had an arrest in 86′ but they never had enough evidence to convict. Please help the hangi busters. We playing at Terry’s mud hut in Ruakaka tonight. Come out and support. Whakawhetai ki a koe.

  • Frank Jackson

    Justice Carruthers has published his report into the police handling of the Roast Buster gang. Key outcomes are:
    – No prosecutions of the Roast Buster gang
    – No investigation into whether authorities actively encouraged victims not to pursue their complaints
    – No meaningful consequences for any policemen for inexcusably poor work
    – No accountability for anyone in authority
    – No change in the status quo

    No surprises here. Carruthers’ report is the final act in what is the classic New Zealand script for ensuring no accountability for those who commit child sex crimes and those in authority who cover up child sex crimes. The same formula is used time and again to ensure no consequences for child sex crimes.

    New Zealand continues to be the paedophile capital of the world and another generation of innocent children and decent families are at risk.

    Unfortunately, we have experience in this area. Our 14-year old child was victim of sex crimes committed by the St John ambulance gang including Karl Berghan (21) and Sam Brens (20). NZ authorities determined that the group sex was “love and romance” and prevented our family from pursuing justice by gagging us. We were threatened with imprisonment if we spoke of the sex crimes, and threatened with bankruptcy if we dared challenge the gagging orders.

    NZ authorities actively encouraged our under age child not to pursue her police complaint (after she had made a written statement to police). 3 of the 6 victims of the Roast Buster gang, also made written statements to police, and then subsequently decided not to pursue their complaint. Hello? Carruthers’ “investigation” did not examine why these Roast Buster victims decided not to pursue their complaints. This is a glaring and telling omission, especially in the light of the massive evidence of poor policing already in front of Carruthers’ enquiry. If Carruthers had conducted a proper investigation, he would likely have uncovered the reason for all these sudden complaint withdrawals by victims, and revealed a key reason why NZ paedophiles are able to act with impunity.

    We have detailed our experiences and named those in authority in NZ who seek to promote or cover up child sex crimes:

    The Carruthers report can be found here:

    We look forward to the day when there will be meaningful consequences for those who commit child sex crimes and those in authority who cover up for them.