Sad day as PM votes against feeding hungry kids

Metiria Conference 2014 Meteria Turei -Green Party MP

John Key and the National Government showed their true colours today, voting against a Bill to feed hungry kids in New Zealand schools, the Green Party said.


The Feed the Kids Bill failed by the narrowest of margins in Parliament today, as the Green Party, Labour, New Zealand First, and the Maori Party all rallied behind the Bill.

“Make no mistake, John Key voted against children today and showed how completely out of touch he is with the needs of New Zealand’s poorest kids,” Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

“Not one of us would stand in front of a hungry child and deny them something to eat. It’s a shameful day when 61 MPs collectively stand before all of our nations hungry kids and deny them a good lunch.

“Every hungry school kid could be fed for a fraction of the cost of Northland’s bribe bridges. It’s just a matter of priorities.

“The Green Party believes it’s inevitable that New Zealand will provide the funding for a lunches in schools for those kids who need it. Today shows we will simply need to change the Government to do it.

“I want to salute Hone Harawira for bringing the Feed the Kids Bill to Parliament and the coalition of community groups and NGOs who have fought so hard to win the hearts of the Government so that it would pass,” Mrs Turei said.

From Left -Maria Trinder, Busby Noble, Meteria Turei, Joe Trinder