Housing New Zealand to evict disabled man in wheelchair

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

Raniera Kahu Ariki

The National Governments sinister 90 day eviction plan has begun as part of their neighborhood gentrification program. Raniera Kahu Ariki who is wheel chair bound, has been handed a 90 day eviction notice to get out of his Mount Albert state house after 7 years. Mr Kahu Ariki who lives with his sister and her children at the premise have been told they are no longer permitted to live in Auckland. In fact the only option they have been offered is 100km away in Northland.

Mr Kahu Ariki  physical disabilities require him to live in the Mt Albert area close to doctors and medical facilities. Housing New Zealand are not prepared to offer Mr Kahu Ariki  a humane option in Mount Albert because they have 4000 people on the HNZ waiting list.

The reason housing New Zealand cited as Mr Kahu Ariki eviction is his alleged anti-social behaviour, housing New Zealand have had noise complaints from 2 years ago from a former neighbour who excessively called noise control.  On 97% of the call outs by noise control they couldn’t detect excessive noise. The problem with  the eviction is these complaints occurred 2 years ago and since the irritable neighbour has moved away this is no longer an issue.

Mr Kahu Ariki was offered $20,000 to install a disability shower by ACC. Housing New Zealand rejected the alterations to be made on the state house based on Mr Kahu Ariki alleged anti-social behaviour. Mr Kahu Ariki suffers from lack of hygiene because housing New Zealand blocked his shower renovations making him dependent on his sister Waiata Kahu Ariki for showers and baths.

Waiata Kahu Ariki

Housing New Zealand have given Raniera and Waiata till the 16th March to get out . This total lack of empathy shocked their social worker James Papalii who was very concerned


I reject the anti-social behaviour claims (playing a stereo) Housing New Zealand have been  ruthless with the Kahu Ariki  family using any excuse to cruelly evict this family from an upper class suburb. Human rights are low priority considering Mr Kahu Ariki advised an employee from Housing New Zealand has told him “You will never rent private home ever”. That would seem obvious as a landlord would prefer to get a tenant they didn’t need to build a disability ramp while demand for housing is so high.