Rueben from Ahipara

ruebenfont Rueben Taipari Porter

When the Mana Movement asked me to stand in the Northland by election


(and after a discussion with my wife and whanau), I accepted and successfully completed the Movements nomination process. I accepted because I saw the need to stand for the issues that no other political party will address in this by election. I see the need to defend Northland and not allow Central Government to use our region as a political football to decide who is in power for the next 2 years, or to chop this region up and sell it off like it’s their own personal property to the highest overseas bidder and give nothing back to the people of Northland. I have 4 main issues to begin my campaign launch with:

“Stop Statoil, theres nothing for Northland” Pal Haremo Vice President of Statoil has confirmed that there will be no jobs for Northland. Nor will there be development or investment into Northland by Statoil. Statoil admit they have never drilled in the depths of ocean like those off of Northlands west coast, but they are also exempt by law, of any accountability to Northland for any environmental or social damages to our coastal environment. Northland will have to pay for those damages to be rectified. Deep sea oil drilling, fracking and toxic mining is dangerous for Northlands economic future. Mana Movement has identified that the low seismic, volcanic and geo thermal  activity here in the north, is a positive character to encourage  investment into this region because of its stable environment. If a billion dollar investment is made anywhere in this country, it should be made here because Northlands environment is the most stable in the entire country and its worth protecting. But if we buy into extractable methods, we will ruin any chance of new green innovative technology which is the way of the future.

“TPPA takes our power way”:
TPPA gives overseas companies the power to control the market choice
of what we choose to buy and sell and even grow. The overseas
companies will have the added power of the law to control the market
and take away our choices. This agreement has been conducted behind
closed security guarded doors and I intend to raise awareness about
the democratic rights protected under Tiriti o Waitangi, that the TPPA
agreement will remove.
Tiriti o Waitangi was signed and honoured by 2 Treaty partners and its
value to Northland to protect all peoples rights is unique  here to
Northland, where the birth of this nation was first created.
Northland owns the prestige of the most powerful historic document in
our history and Northland should be benefitting from that honour.

Overseas Ownership Out:
Mana will not support the sale of Northlands Assets to overseas investors.
Our Power companies are an example of how benefits for the region were lost due
to asset sales programs and we believe that assets built and paid for
by our parents and grandparents for our benefit, should not be sold
off by a Government desperate to balance its books.
Mana does however, consider overseas investment to have potential as
long as the region is well represented during the development and
management of that investment.
Overseas investment means connecting Northland to the
world and would be a positive strategy as it would help create the
opportunities that our children need, to prosper and be part of a
proactive successful region.
Mana has the capability to connect Northland to the world on
an  intenational scale and are excited to share those connections.

“Principles before Profit”
A voice of principle which will hold this Government to account is
sadly lacking in the present parliament. As a role model to this
region, an MP of Northland should take his position seriously and
uphold the principles for the laws made within parliament.
Unfortunately a fresh back bencher MP who is part of a slow, massive
political machine that rarely considers its responsibilities to the
North, will not see any new and vibrant decisions and deals made to
benefit our communities. It will be the same politics and the same
promises we have become accustomed to here in Northland for the past 4
generations of neglect.

Mana has a unique position in this particular by election. The balance
of power in this present Government is evenly matched. The opportunity
for a mobile, highly active MP with the courage to stand up for their
principles and can challenge and negotiate better conditions for its
region is what is going to improve Northlands future.
MMP has proven it can be effective with a more balanced Government
that represent a more diverse population. MMP system improves the
potential to vote for whats important to you and not whats the
biggest…Voting for the issues can be a positive part of a democratic
election process. A vote for an issue sends a message in itself to the
Government that changes need to be made.
Its time to change that attitude for our region and for our children,
they deserve better role models that work hard and are not afraid to
stand strong to get those changes.
Rueben Taipari Porter from Ahipara. Successful Mana Movement Candidate for the
Northland By Election 2015