New Zealand to have a ‘two flag’ policy.


The group that helped to make the Maori flag official has presented its position on the new panel to lead discussions on a NZ flag:

The Te Ata Tino Toa position is:

By the time the flag is adopted, it wants NZ to have a ‘two flag’ policy.

The new NZ flag should fly at all times alongside the Maori flag, as is done in Australia (indigenous alongside non-indigenous).

The two flags will represent the relationships established under the Treaty of Waitangi.

The group will not have input into the NZ flag discussion, but hopes the design will reflect Aotearoa well.

‘As long as the panel develops a two flag model, where the two flags fly proudly side by side at the Olympics, at the rugby, at schools, at the library – we will be satisfied that te mana o te haki Maori is upheld’

The Te Ata Tino Toa requested that Transit NZ fly the flag on the Harbour Bridge, as other nation’s flags did. It took about 2-3 years, and for the government to do a national consultation round, before government agreed to fly the Māori flag from government buildings. Te Ata Tino Toa was the catalyst for this process.

  • Lisa Aitu

    John Keys objective for changing the NZ Flag (” a relic from New Zealand’s colonial past~ John Key ) – to make way for the TPPA???

    In a constitutionally valuable post (via ‘Postmans Productions’ webpage by Ben Vidgen writes:
    “As a graduate of both political science and history the flag issue has been gnawing away in my head for months. I knew that the change had major legislation consequences but I could not put my finger on what the con being waged was exactly. It was only when I went back and began to research what exactly was the aim of heraldry and what it importance was to the legislative nature of the states authority that I came across the term DUE AUTHORITY which I recognised immediately.It was at this point the penny clicked on just how dangerous any change to our flag is.DUE AUTHORITY in a nation like NZ is represented on the NZ flag by the Union Jack and signifies that we constitutional monarchy. The point is underscored in the beehive sanctioned article ‘New Zealand’s constitution – past, present and future”
    In response, Slippery Says:
    “Regarding the changing of the flag and it’s relation to the TPPA,
    what most don’t understand is that by changing the flag,
    NZ PM John Key is able to invalidate the Treaty of Waitangi and the^ *1986 Constitution (which includes the Treaty of Waitangi) that was signed under it.”Our Constitution covers the Bill of Rights Act 1990, Human Rights Act 1993, Five Principles of the Treaty 1989, Magna Carta 1297, laws relating to individual rights, eg