Get some guts and feed the kids

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

Today Prime minister John Key yelled  in parliament ‘Get some guts and join the right side’ and announced that the deployment of troops to the cost of $63 Million dollars.


The Prime minister ignored the vote of parliament that was split and this war has not been sanctioned by parliament. The details of the deployment are sketchy Defence force personnel are going to be behind the wire in camp Taji and the SAS are sort of going, and there are only 16 trainers out of 143 troops over two year period.

The Iraqi government that requested our troops is refusing a force agreement that protects our forces if they kill an enemy combatant or civilian. New Zealand Troops can be prosecuted and imprisoned by Iraqi authorities, this shows a lack of commitment by the Iraqi government and indicates they don’t really need our troops. Each soldier will be offered diplomatic passports to get diplomatic immunity should a situation occur.

I would like to challenge the prime minister to get some guts and feed the children of this country The National government has blocked the feed the kids bill at every opportunity but is quick to condemn New Zealand to a long term war. Mana Movement will be holding the Prime minister directly responsible for every Kiwi soldier that dies on an Iraqi battlefield or any retaliation from Islamic State for New Zealand following US Foreign policy.