Porter up against all odds

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

Rueben Taipari Porter is disappointed with the Northland Age’s article that supported Norwegian multinational deep sea oil drilling company Statoil. Mr Porter explained “The Northern Age article was one sided this is a good indication they are just ticking the box and pretending to get consultation for Statoils drilling aspirations”

When asked if he was interviewed Mr Porter said “NO” he explained he wasn’t  interviewed for this article despite being included in the photo. This entire article is designed to give the perception that Statoil has community support and the community has been consulted. Rueben Taipari Porter is up against the odds if mainstream media is going to skew public opinion in favour of Statoil.


Mr Porter said “This is not about just Maori it affects everyone I have been getting support from all aspects of society”. Many in the community from Kerikeri and Kaitaia are perplexed how the Northern Age a subsidiary of the New Zealand Herald could skew this story and only interview the executives of Statoil and forget to interview locals being a community Newspaper.

Exploration management team
Statoil’s vice-president exploration, Pal Haremo
Rueben Taipari Porter