Stop Statoil Hikoi

avatr Mana News editor Joe Trinder

On 6th Feb Waitangi day Rueben Taipari Porter lead the Hikoi against the Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil. I first met Rueben last year at Waitangi  and we discussed his campaign for the Mayoralty of Tai Tokerau during the local body elections, in which he came up with some really impressive answers. During the Stop Statoil Hikoi Rueben showed a commanding presence and displayed  superb leadership skills. Rueben has successfully  managed to disrupt public support for deep sea oil drilling and the profile of the Statoil company.

Left: Rueben Taipari Right: Tim O’Shea

The protests managed to attract a crowd of approximately 3000-5000 people from all across New Zealand.

Left: Rueben Taipari

Rueben organised thousands of protesters from the lower Te Tii Marae to the Treaty grounds. These types of Hikoi can be like herding cats.

Left: Cheyne Timmermans Right: Rueben Taipari

New Zealanders from all backgrounds came to support the Stop Statoil hikoi.


This cool character below marched with the Hikoi.

Hone Harawira