The Heralds smear campaign against Hone Harawira

avatr  Joe Trinder Mana News editor



The New Zealand Herald has become a National Party propaganda machine its objective of undermining  all opposition to the National government, this type of journalism leads to poor government and a lack of accountability. Journalistic integrity or objectivity are not the words one would use in the same sentence as New Zealand Herald. Its strategy of a smear campaign against former MP Hone Harawira denying his Robin Hood status of fighting for the poor and  dispossessed and glorifying his defeat is undeniable.

Before the elections the New Zealand Herald took on Alan Duff the author of the novel  Once were Warriors. Alan’s first column was to  endorse the Maori party and give them a glowing review and he wrote off the Mana Movement . In Alan Duffs second column after the elections he suggested that Hone Harawira cared little for the poor and dispossessed with this comment.duff

radicals and leftwing ideologists have never done anything to help the poor,the downtrodden whom they claim to be valiant defenders of“. Alan Duff

Jesus Christ was a left wing radical in the eyes of Pontius Pilate and I think we all agree  Jesus helped the poor.  Alan spent the remainder of this column endorsing the National party that has blocked the feed the kids bill at every step. This block is affecting predominantly vulnerable Maori children that live in situations similar to Alan’s novels.

The Herald recently had an opinion piece that Hone Harwira spent alot of money requesting a recount, the suggestion was that money could have been used to feed the kids

I wonder if disgruntled Hone Harawira has given a thought to how many breakfasts of Weet-Bix and milk the $30,000 for his recount could have bought for his so-called impoverished Far North?”  Linda Lang

The answer to this rant Linda is no money designated for  parliament will ever be diverted to starving children in schools. Alot of Maori voters from across the country wanted to see this recount, because many got rejected at the polling booths.

editorialOn October 11th the most scathing editorial came from the New Zealand Herald the editor that wrote this piece didn’t have the courage to put their name against this blatant character assassination.

“Hone Harawira did not exactly grace Parliament while he was there,  so nobody would have been surprised at the manner of his departure.” Mystery editor

The National party leader is often immature in parliament giving childish yes no answers while mocking the opposition, the Herald does not mention this adolescent behaviour whereas Mr Harawira has always acted with Mana and professionalism in parliament.

“Mr Harawira deserves an honest appraisal. His performance in Parliament did not justify a public salary.” Mystery editor

Does this mystery editor that that lacks the conviction to provide a name but has the courage  to make character assassinations justify their own salary. Fortunately for Hone Harawira  the NZ Herald has a track history of Maori bashing and has discriminated against Maori for hundreds of years dating back to the land confiscations in the New Zealand settlements act 1863 . keho

On the 20th Oct the NZ Herald reporter Isaac Davison made this comment on the article to the right

“Auckland voters played a big role in kicking Mana leader Hone Harawira out of Parliament” Isaac Davison



Isaac Davison 

In the poorest electorate in the country Te Tai Tokerau I doubt voters had the objective of kicking a Maori MP out of parliament they would prefer to have two Members of parliament represent them. From the look of Isaac it suggests he doesn’t really know what the voters of Te Tai Tokerau want.

The New Zealand Herald has a strategy  of unfounded subliminal messages to suggest that Hone Harawira is a monster  while in the same instance endorsing the National party. The National party has obviously has a strong influence over the Herald and I suspect  Alan Duff  was implanted at the request of the Maori party. But of course the NZ Herald would call this a conspiracy theory and their journalists are objective when reporting about Hone Harawira.

I doubt we will see any unbiased journalism from the New Zealand Herald as it works tirelessly to entrench the National government until 2020  . The New Zealand Herald makes revenue from it’s customers if less customers buy the Herald it can’t afford to ridicule Maori politicians.