A National Flag

avatr    Joe Trinder editor for Mana News


The National party wants to leave a legacy  that they changed the New Zealand identity. Unfortunately they are the wrong crowd to  launch this type of change they haven’t created any innovative policy that improves New Zealanders life’s but want to go on an highly expensive rebranding exercise. Although I support the move away from colonial British flag  the costs are prohibitive for you the tax payer.

Referendum $18 Million

Drivers licences $15 Million

New Passports $25  Million

Marketing $3 Million

Flags $3 Million

Total cost $64 Million

Before the New Zealand public will accept this type of frivolous spending National need to address some real life human issues instead of buying patriotism. They point blank refuse to feed  kiwi kids in schools, rape crisis centres have been closed down, Unemployment hovers around 6%, government debt is $60 Billion, New Zealand is in a housing crisis and rental prices have sky rocketed, overall living costs have risen over the last 6 years while wages have been screwed down.

It is reckless of National to be leading edge on a mere flag when it lacks innovative ideas for the budget, every year it’s a traditional budget with nothing that will transform New Zealanders lives. Any new flag they impose could be perceived as an abomination as they  need to get the fundamentals right before paying for extravagance,  unfortunately National is out of touch with the reality of  struggling working class New Zealanders.