National refuses to feed kids at schools

avatr      Joe Trinder editor Mana News


Yesterday prime minister John Key said “We wouldn’t be providing meals that are provided by the vast bulk of parents and caregivers already,” he said.”We should expect parents to feed their children properly and the vast majority of them do”. The National Party refuses to feed hungry children at schools it has been deemed too expensive. Many National party supporters talked about eugenics said “Should people have kids they cannot afford to raise?” Many of the critics of the feed the kids bill forget there are family’s that are living on the breadline struggling to make ends meet. Many whanau can’t afford to pay the bills and expensive rental property consumes their incomes.

As the National government and its supporters gets more out of touch with the New Zealand public and lack innovative ideas, children have absolutely no control over their parents economic status and can’t feed themselves at school. Education becomes a struggle and they get trapped in a generational cycle of poverty.