MANA Leader Hone Harawira

Labour is flying in Trump supporters to tell Maori how to vote” said MANA leader Hone Harawira when told of Labour Party plans to bring in large numbers of Americans to help target voter areas where Labour is struggling to get attention.

“And Labour’s Maori MPs don’t even know what’s going on, just like they didn’t know about Willie Jackson being dropped in to push them off the list” said Harawira “That’s how Andrew Little does kaupapa Maori – tell them nothing, don’t ask their opinion, just tell them to do what they’re told”

Can you imagine the phone call …
“Kia ora, who’s that?”
“Howdy pardner – its Chuck here, I’ve just dropped in from Alabama in the good ole USA, to tell you to vote Labour and make New Zealand great again”
“@#$$&*!!!” click (dial tone)
“Hello, hello … anyone there?”

“The Americans will stay on a marae paid for by the Labour Party (Labour won’t pay for homeless Maori to stay on a marae but they got money for the Yanks), and they’ll get a crash course in how to mangle the Maori language (the same one that Andrew Little did).

“Then they’ll get a lecture on Labour’s proud Maori history – like how Maori should vote for a party that has never had a Maori leader, a party that sold off state assets which destroyed Maori communities all round the country, that gave us GST to help deepen poverty in Maori communities, that broke up the unions which protected Maori workers, sold off state houses forcing Maori out of homes they’d lived in for generations and led to the staggering levels of homelessness we face now, and introduced no go areas for beneficiaries which forced thousands of Maori to move away from their homelands and lose their lands and their homes through non-payment of rates and mortgages.

“Then Labour will tell them how they launched the country’s first two independent Maori political parties! They won’t mention the fact that Mana Motuhake was formed when Matiu Rata walked out on Labour after they demoted him, or that the Maori Party was formed when Tariana Turia walked out on Labour after they stole the foreshore and seabed – but then Labour haven’t got time to tell them all the little details, right?

“So why are the Trump supporters coming? Can’t Labour get any Maori volunteers?
And who’s paying for them? Surely not the NZ taxpayer …
And after all their talk about jobs for Kiwis, how come Labour isn’t using the tens of thousands of dollars they’re spending on this exercise to hire Maori to do the job?

“Labour’s arrogance in forcing their Colonial politics and their American advisors onto Maori communities is an insult to their Maori Caucus and to the Maori population at large” said Harawira “Maori will see it for what it is – racism – and reject it”

“And as for the Americans … maybe they should go home and stop their President from starting World War III. Fix up their own back yard before coming here to tell us what to do”