MANA Leader Hone Harawira

Te Ururoa said he wants to brief me on the Ture Whenua Bill” said MANA Leader Hone Harawira of the invitation from Minister of Maori Affairs and Maori Party Leader Te Ururoa Flavell to brief him on the changes to the bill “I’m waiting for his call …”

“But he needs to know going in that criticism of the bill goes way beyond just me and MANA” says Harawira. “Many of the issues have already been raised by Maori Land Court judges, Maori land law experts, Maori lawyers and Maori academics”

“There still seems to be some deeply held fears around why Maori Land Court records have to be switched across to a Maori Land Service run by a different government agency, and the lack of detail about how Maori will fare under the new regime”

“And the bill is now 440 pages long and had more than 200 changes that 99% of Maoridom hasn’t even seen” said Harawira “so you can understand why the Maori Women’s Welfare League is taking the matter to the United Nations because of poor consultation”

“But one of the bill’s sternest critics tells me that some of the changes have been quite positive so I’ll keep an open mind” said Harawira.

“Gimme a call bro and let’s get together before it’s too late”