Metiria and Jacinda inspire

Early nineteenth-century Britain was notable for its harsh and cruel punishments for working-class people. There were 200 offences that were punishable by death, for minor stealing offences and for such odd offences as ‘injuring Westminster Bridge’. Since then society has become kinder and more humane and we would rather admire someone living in an inhumane […]

Responses to Niki’s plight mean, misinformed, racist

  Some of the responses to the plight of Niki Rauti, who is threatened with eviction from her state home in Glen Innes, in the New Zealand Herald and elsewhere have been mean-spirited, misinformed, and have at times made assumptions that are downright racist. People have pointed out that she has been offered five other […]

Key saw the writing on the wall

Key saw the writing on the wall

Since John Key’s sudden and surprising resignation from politics last month it is almost surprising just how quickly he has become yesterday’s man. The uncritical mainstream media has shown no more tendency to question or analyse his motives than it did when he was in power. It has been claimed that he left when he […]

As many people will know by now, the government has invited a warship here and is hosting a arms expo in mid-November linking it to celebrations of the Navy’s 75th birthday. Discussion about this has tended to centre around whether the ship is nuclear-armed in line with NZ’s anti-nuclear stance of some thirty years, but […]